Arts and Entertainment (A + E ) District Neighborhood Guide

Do you ever imagine being a resident of a Miami condo community that feels more like a friendship that appreciates you as much as you appreciate them? The Art and Entertainment District, formerly known as the Omni District, is just that. This pocket sized, up and coming neighborhood is known for hosting weekly events such as yoga in the park, movie nights, live music, and weekend BBQ’s so residents are sure to feel the love.

Located in the heart of Miami, sharing borders with the Wynwood Arts District and Design District, the A+E District is on the radar of many top developers and condo seekers. Just as the neighboring areas have been under a renaissance, so has the A+E District within the last decade putting an abundance of focus on improving the residential, culinary, entertainment and nightlife offerings for residents.

A+E District Condos for Sale and Rent

The consistency among the amenities the A+E District offers its residents is what makes this an area that is being predicted to rapidly grow in the eyes of both tourists and residents seeking the perfect Miami condo lifestyle. The A+E District has kept up their end of the deal by offering residents new, high end condominium duplexes.

The Filling Station provides industrial lofts which embody the presence of the neighborhood of being modern while also appealing to the luxury of the Miami condo lifestyle with their rooftop pool and cocktail bars offering panoramic views of the Biscayne Bay. The lofts also are infamous for hosting events such as the Rooftop Acoustic Sessions which occurs weekly around the rooftop pool.

Another famous condo building, CANVAS,  located at 1630 Northeast 1st Avenue, was constructed and seeks to fulfill residents who affiliate with being passionate about culture, community, arts and entertainment, and all over luxury- with a modern twist! CANVAS stands 37 stories tall and offers more than 500 fully furnished rooms.

Other plans for the A+E District is the $64 million “Rebuild Miami-Edgewater” that sits on a 7.35 acre lot. This site is due to include a hotel, retail and residential components within the 3 millions square feet it is zoned for all to happen within a few years.

Buying and Selling A+E District Condos in Miami

Although there are plans for more growth in the A+E District in the near future, for the time being there are more and more people discovering this warm community. This undeniable fact makes finding an A+E District condo more of a privilege verses living in surrounding areas, though it is not impossible to own or rent a loft in this friendly neighborhood.

There are nearly 10 A+E District condos left for sale that are going for an average of $543,000. There are about 10 A+E District condos left for rent that are going for an average of $4,000, though lower prices have regularly been spotted.

Future plans for A+E District condos are rising as interest in the area increases. Square Station’s twin 34-story towers at 1424 Northeast Miami place are going to have 710 rental units for those seeking the ‘perfect Miami condo life’ in the Arts and Entertainment District. The building will be home to 15,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space with nearly 950 parking spaces. The project is due to be completed in 2018. The towers are said to range from $1,650 to $2,500 per month.

Now that you are aware of this energetic and innovative neighborhood, it’s best to keep it on your radar because before we know it the A+E District will be taking the Miami condo industry by storm.

A+E District Neighborhood

Being neighbors with the two most innovative areas in all of Miami, the A+E District stands up to its name as the art and entertainment district of Miami. The location is also convenient for Miami condo seekers because, by car, it is less than 15 minutes to the Miami International Airport, less than 5 minutes to the American Airlines Arena, and nearly 15 minutes from the buzz of South Beach. This area is also serviced by the Metro bus and Omani Loop of the Metro mover, which is free for residents and makes stops at almost every other block. All of the previously listed destinations are also reachable by public transportation from the A+E District.

This compact community has a population of nearly 6,000 residents who pride themselves on living in this area known for its creativity and collaboration. Community is the keyword for what makes this neighborhood unlike any other in all of Miami. With constant events happening within the area that embody the communities values of artistic, creative, luxury to holistic style- it’s impossible to feel like the A+E District is a never-ending hub of togetherness.