Fisher Island Condos Neighborhood Guide

Welcome to Miami’s most exclusive community. Fisher Island in Miami also doubles as a first class resort in the condo life. As America’s richest zip code according to the 2010 census, this ultra private island paradise is home to a select few including some celebrities and less than 700 families on the island that is less than a square mile. Welcome to Fisher Island, where condo life is exclusive, private, lavish, and one of a kind. We will help you find the best of Fisher Island Condos in Miami.

Fisher Island is a tropical oasis no more than 3 miles off the shores of Miami, South Florida. There are no roads that connect this island getaway to the rest of Miami. Instead, it is only accessible via private boat or ferry. This feature ensures its safety for residents of Fisher Island because of its high security to enter the private residential community.

Fisher Island Condos for Sale and Rent

Although it is disconnected from Miami, Fisher Island offers condo residents enough resources to keep them entertained. For a night out, Fisher Island residents can choose from eight high-end restaurants that all charge the residents’ expense accounts, so no money is exchanged. Fisher Island also offers a lot of recreation options for residents. There is a 9-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, a one mile private beachfront filled with sand imported from Bermuda that is perfectly manicured at the start of each day, and a large public spa.

Despite all the luxurious perks, there is also a post office, grocery store, and a recently constructed primary school for kids. There are no pharmacy or fast food options on Fisher Island.

But can you really put a price on this type of luxury retreat? Fisher Island condos for rent, even to own, at a good price are not nearly as impossible to find as one may think. The entire island of Fisher Island is about 0.362 sq miles large, but having your very own bit of this lavish lifestyle is not out of reach. There have been previous sales below $1,000,000 for a Fisher Island condo. However, Fisher Island condo sales also has the record for the highest sale ever in the Miami-Dade county. Yes, you can find Fisher Island condos for prices of $12,360,000.

Buying and Selling Fisher Island Condos

Currently, there are more than 100 different properties for sale on Fisher Island. Prices range from $335,000 (for a pied-a-terre) to $30,000,000 for a 5 bedroom. That’s nearly 7,700 square feet of oceanfront penthouse at the 7400 Oceanside on Fisher Island. As of publication, the average price of buying a condo on Fisher Island is $3,828,860. The average price of renting a condo on Fisher Island is $13,178.

The median income per family is just over $1 million and Fisher Island residents are often truly only part time residents. The island is often their vacation home or the location for their second (or third) home, thus privacy and tranquillity is easy to find here.

Fisher Island condo residents can buy a lifelong space along the dock for their boat for $500,000. It should be noted that residents mostly use golf carts to get around, with the top speed limit on the island still being under 20MPH.

As the former winter estate for William K. Vanderbilt, Fisher Island does an excellent job at maintaining its status as one of the most elite communities for the wealthiest people in the world. Currently there are about 56 Fisher Island condos for sale, while there are only 32 Fisher Island condos for rent. However with the island’s elite status and minimal condos for sale/rent, it a certainty that your space will get a good listing.