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For those needing to get a better understanding of their property, a records search (otherwise known as an appraiser search, and tax collector property search) can be an excellent way to retrieve all of the important documents concerning their property. If you are searching for tax and regulatory information about your property in Miami Dade County, be sure to consider the benefits of a Miami Dade property search.

What Information does a Property Search Reveal?

To start, a property search helps determine if there is a marketable interest in a piece of property by showing its sales history and other relevent interests. A property search also reveals if there are any restrictions concerning the use of the land. These restrictions include easements, real covenants, and other such equitable servitudes. Contained within a property search is also a tax search that is mean to reveal if there are any back taxes owed on the property. Lastly, property searches show if there are any mortgages, liens, and other assessments on the property in question.

All of this is incredibly valuable information to both those buying and selling a piece of property, and a records search is an extremely common procedure carried out by both parties before a sale.

Who Can Request a Property Search

The documents revealed by a property search are public record, meaning that anyone can request a property search regardless of whether or not they are the owner of the property they are requesting more information on. This is great news for buyers who are looking to gather more information on a piece of property before they commit to a purchase.

If you are interested in a piece of property in Miami Dade County and would like to learn more about its records or if you are looking to sell your property in Miami Dade County and would like to make sure everything is in order before you put it on the market, feel free to contact us today to learn how we can assist you with a records search.

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